Monday, April 26, 2010

Amazing crepes

Last fall, I went on a trip to Tunisia with my boyfriend. He and I had the most wonderful crepe for dessert at one of the restaurants at the medina. It was even better than the crepe we had in Paris on our one day layover.

I have always wanted to make crepes myself, but since that trip it's become a mission. Finally, this weekend I had the time to experiment with crepes. Ironically, after I planned a crepe dinner on Sunday, Alton Brown featured crepe making on his Food Network show, Good Eats. I ended up using his crepe recipe and even followed the instruction of refrigerating the batter for an hour. My first crepe looked something like a rooster, and that was not even on purpose.

I did not have a rake, but I had a mini measuring cup that worked perfect to measure out the 1 oz needed for each crepe. I used an 8 inch non-stick saute pan coated with a little butter, no need for a crepe maker in this recipe. I even flipped one over in the pan myself on the first try, but then decided I did not want to risk anymore crepes. At the end of the batch, I had a nice big stack of crepes waiting to be filled with sweetness.

Literally, it was dessert for dinner. I made a mini fill-your-own-crepe station on the kitchen table made of things we had laying around in the kitchen and a few home made sauces.

From top to bottom: toasted sliced almonds, powdered sugar, home made peanut butter sauce,
blackberries, fresh whipped cream, and raspberry sauce. I also had vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce, and lemon curd available.

Voted the best combinations:

Blackberries with whipped cream and raspberry sauce

Peanut butter sauce with chocolate sauce

Peanut butter sauce with raspberry sauce (tastes like a pb&j!)


  1. OMG!!! I so wish I had been there for that!!! Looks amazing!!!!!

    Now I want crepes but not sure they are GF!!!!! Maybe I'll cheat! ;)

  2. There has GOT to be a GF way to make crepes!! If not, we need to invent it for you!

    Next time I am making savory crepes!

  3. PB and chocolate is always such an addictive combo!!

    When we were in SA, we ate at this pancake house, Harry's Pancakes. They had all different flavor combos, savory and sweet. We had mexican pancakes...they were heavenly. Bet you could do that with crepes too. That way you could have crepes for dinner without having dessert for dinner...not that there's anything wrong with that!!

  4. Yes, I have savory recipes for crepes too, but we really wanted to make the dessert crepes first!! :)